How does it work?

1. Create

Access learning-games templates

You don’t have to start creating your collaborative, micro-learning games from scratch. Gamoteca provides a number of  templates so you can easily and rapidly create new experiences. These include coaching & mentoring, design thinking, public speaking, keeping staff motivated while working remotely and onboarding.

Easily create single or multiplayer games

Gamoteca has all the elements to create a fun and collaborative game-based learning experience. Add media to make the game more engaging, and give the players the opportunity to create & share their own content with each other.

Preview game flow

View the progress of your game creation, and put yourself in the shoes of the players to see how they would interact with the game even before you publish it to the player app.

Team collaboration for game creation & publishing through Workspaces

Gamoteca allows you to work in teams, where members are able to create, test and play games. (Pro & Enterprise only).

2. Publish

Publish games instantly

Learners are able to self join via a game link or through a learning management system (LMS) integration. If a game has multiple roles players can invite their own teammates to join the game and play with them.

Custom sessions

Trainers are able to organise game sessions by inviting players with a game code. Choose the exact team and role configuration, and when to start the game session.

3.  Play

Receive real time app notifications

With feedback from your team and trainers.

Join games on mobile or desktop

You can play all games through a mobile app (available to download on Android and iOS) or through the desktop player app.

Gameplay with teams in different locations, in different languages and time zones

Play with team mates from all around the world (in different time zones), the notifications allow for synchronous or asynchronous game play.

4. View live feed & analytics

Live game feed

Trainers are able to view real time progress and interactions from game players..

Analytics to iteratively improve game design:

Game analytics allow you to review information about game flow, completion, interactions and how or where players are getting stuck. Analytics allows for an evidence-based learning design process.

Facilitators can provide individual or team feedback

Facilitators on a game session are able to interact with the users directly and influence game flow.


Help articles and live chat

We’re here to support you through all the steps of game creation. Take a look at our resources on game creation & publishing and if you still have questions you can reach out to us via email or live chat.

How to Gamoteca?

Take a look at our YouTube video playlists where we explain in detail how to create and publish a game.