Playing (and creating) human-connected learning experiences with educators in El Salvador

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Case Studies, Game Based Learning

Participants during the Gamoteca Workshop in El Salvador

Each year, the International Training Centre of International Labour Organisation (ITCILO) delivers a Training of Trainers (ToT) course for El Salvador’s Institute of Professional Training / Instituto Salvadoreño de Formación Profesional (INSAFORP). Participants from different learning institutions from across the country get to experience an immersive course with best practices in training and access to the latest learning technologies. 

As part of the innovation and gamification module, ITCILO partnered with Gamoteca to provide hands-on experience with human-connected and game-based learning experiences. 

Participants got to practice their training skills and co-create new ideas with a partner. More than 50 learners participated in the two-player experience called “A Facilitator’s Journey”, putting to practice skills on design thinking, e-learning, and virtual reality (VR). 

Participants of the workshop playing the game

Participants who successfully completed the game were also able to join an in-person workshop in San Salvador to learn how to use Gamoteca to create their own human-connected, game-based learning experiences. 

The workshop took place in two half-day sessions. During the first session participants used human-centred design (HCD) to identify their target audience, define the problem and rapidly generate ideas for a learning experience. Working in pairs through the design phases, participants narrowed in on an idea that addressed challenges experienced as facilitators during the pandemic.

“We loved the digital learning experience on Gamoteca, combining fun activities with peer-to-peer learning exercises.” 

Ana Portillo, Workshop Participant

During the second session of the workshop, participants dived into game creation on the Gamoteca platform. They created working prototypes based on the ideas generated during the design phase. Participants also tested their prototypes with each other, and provided feedback on gameplay and content.

“Gamoteca is an extremely useful tool for the creation of interactive evaluations where participant don’t feel like they are being evaluated.
They are just playing, and that in itself facilitates the learning process.” 
Rafael Quezada, Workshop Participant

To learn more about using Gamoteca, sign up for a free game creator account.