Workspaces, custom events and new game editor launched

by | Apr 9, 2020 | News

We are excited to announce the  launch of new features that will make game-based learning design and publishing easier and more collaborative. 


Workspaces are collaborative spaces on Gamoteca that allows you to create, modify and share games with a team. Think of them as virtual workspaces in which you can invite people and collaborate with them on designing and publishing games. Workspaces will allow you to: 

  • Invite users to join a private workspace 
  • Allow these specific users to create or edit games in the workspace  
  • Publish games to a specific group of learners

You will also keep your own personal workspace when you register on Gamoteca as a game creator. 

To create your first Workspace and invite your team, follow this tutorial: Creating a workspace in Gamoteca.

Workspaces allows you to have as many spaces as you want to share with different organizations or users. Improved User Experience (UX) in the game editor Creating interactive games is key to keeping players involved, that is why we want to make this process easier for you. The newly designed game editor allows a simpler and easier visualization of the game screens and the links & dependencies to other screens.
Improved UX allows you to see the screens of the games in an ordered in  Customs events and join with game code It is important to manage how you invite learners to join your game sessions. The new feature  provides an easy way to create custom game sessions. Organise custom game sessions with users from around the world, group them in different teams, and start the game session when all the users are ready to play. Learners can also join new games with a game code directly from the Gamoteca app on their phones.
To create a custom event for players, follow this tutorial: Create custom game sessions 
With Custom Events you can create events for friends and colleagues We hope that these new features  will make creating game-based learning more fun and collaborative for you.